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At Arlington Animal Clinic, we understand the importance of providing a safe and nurturing environment for your beloved pets. With our compassionate approach and expert care, we strive to be the reassuring safe harbor your pet deserves.
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Guided By Care for Over 45 Years

For nearly five decades, Arlington Animal Clinic has been a cornerstone of modern veterinary care in our community, earning a reputation for trustworthiness and excellence. Our dedication to your pet's health and happiness drives our approach to every appointment and treatment. From routine check-ups to advanced therapies, we deliver comprehensive and progressive care designed to meet the individual needs of your beloved companion.
Compassionate Team: Our dedicated veterinarians and team are passionate about animals and treat every pet as if they were our own.
Safe and Welcoming Environment: We've designed our clinic to be a comfortable and secure space where pets and their owners can feel at ease.
Personalized Care: Your pet is unique, and we believe their care should be too. We take the time to understand your pet's individual needs and provide customized treatment plans.
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A Stress-Free Haven

At Arlington Animal Clinic, we prioritize creating a tranquil sanctuary for pets and their owners. Our commitment to low-stress handling and Cat Friendly Certification ensures a calming experience for all.
Low-Stress Handling
We prioritize gentle techniques for your pet's comfort.
Cat-Friendly Certified Professionals
We understand and meet the unique needs of our feline patients.
Welcoming Atmosphere
We open our arms to pets of all kinds, ensuring every visit feels like home.
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Discover Arlington Animal Clinic as your reliable partner in pet care. Our comprehensive veterinary services cater to the diverse needs of your cherished companions, from routine wellness check-ups to specialized treatments. With a dedicated team of compassionate professionals, we prioritize your pet's well-being while ensuring a stress-free experience for both you and your beloved animals. Experience personalized care and expertise that goes beyond the ordinary, and let us make a difference in your pet's health journey today.
Our skilled veterinary team performs advanced surgical procedures with precision and compassion. We offer pre-surgical consultations, diligent anesthesia monitoring, and attentive post-operative care to optimize…
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Our cutting-edge diagnostic tools and laboratory services enable us to swiftly and accurately diagnose medical conditions, aiding in the development of effective treatment plans to…
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Exotic Care
Our veterinarians specialize in caring for exotic pets, including birds, reptiles, and small mammals. From preventive medicine to addressing specific health concerns, we offer tailored…
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Veterinary Pharmacy
Experience the convenience of our in-house veterinary pharmacy, offering a diverse selection of prescription medications, supplements, and pet care essentials. Take advantage of our online…
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Wellness Care
We provide regular check-ups and personalized preventive care to keep your pet healthy and thriving. Our services include vaccinations, parasite prevention, and tailored nutrition counseling,…
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Dental Care
Our comprehensive dental services prioritize your pet's oral health and comfort. From thorough examinations to treatments such as extractions and oral surgery, we ensure your…
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What makes us great

Exceptional Service,
Compassionate Care

At Arlington Animal Clinic, we are committed to providing you and your pet with an exceptional veterinary experience. Going above and beyond to provide our patients and pet parents with the best, most compassionate veterinary care is both our passion and our calling. We understand that the bond that you share with your pets goes beyond companionship. After all, pets are members of our families. We wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Meet our team

At Arlington Animal Clinic, our dedicated team of caring professionals shares a deep passion for animals and nature. We understand the special bond between pets and their owners because we're pet parents ourselves.With creativity, compassion, and a down-to-earth approach, we strive to provide exceptional veterinary care that reflects our love for animals.
Our veterinarians bring a wealth of knowledge, dedication, and compassion to every patient they serve. With extensive experience and a shared commitment to excellence, they ensure that your pets receive the highest standard of care.
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What people say


At Arlington Animal Clinic, our clients’ satisfaction and their pets' well-being are our top priorities. Hear from our community of pet parents who trust us to provide exceptional, compassionate care for their beloved companions. We're proud of the lasting relationships we build with both pets and their owners, creating a supportive and nurturing environment for all.
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We were at a different vet for 20 years, and had no idea what we were missing until we came here for many reasons. The vets are terrific, but it’s the front desk and tech staff who really create a welcoming, caring environment. In addition, everyone is transparent about all costs up front. We’ve invested in our dogs’ care greatly, and are lucky to be able to do so, but I appreciate not being pressured or Unknowingly led to spending a lot of money without understanding up front. Thank you everyone, Maisie is in great hands and you all made our sad loss with Molly much more bearable.

Michelle Albert
Google Review

I have pet mice and Arlington Animal Clinic is absolutely amazing with them. It is not easy to find a vet that can treat small animals, and even harder to find one that does so with as much expertise and compassion as this clinic. Most of my elderly mice have succumbed to terminal cancer, as is common, and they have provided humane end-of-life care with sedation prior to any final interventions. They even gave me little inked paw prints to remember them by.

My current mouse, Bizz, came down with signs of an upper respiratory infection a couple weeks ago and although this is actually one of the few things you can treat a mouse for and see improvements, I had very little hope but wanted to try. Dr. Avery said he agreed we should try antibiotics and, I can’t believe this, but after about ~4 days she cleared up and is now back to Bizz-ness as usual. I think we caught it before it went to her lungs. But the point is, not only do the staff here take small animals seriously, but they take the small animal *owners* seriously.

I am beyond lucky to have this team right around the corner for all my small friends. Here are some pics of my happy, healthy mouse 🙂

Lena Webb
Google Review

We first brought our dog to AAC 41 years ago, when we moved around the corner from it in Arlington. It was a tiny practice back then with only 2 vets. We have seen the practice grow and evolve, but the quality of care is still excellent. We have moved several times but we have continued to bring our animals there for the care and compassion they receive. Everyone there is kind and knowledgeable and we will continue to make the trek, even from an hour away.

Elizabeth Stubbs
Google Review

Arlington Animal Clinic has been our vet for the last 2 years, and they have been fantastic. I truly couldn’t ask for a better team, from the front office staff, to the technicians, to the veterinary doctors. Everyone has provided excellent care for our dog at fair prices and with kindness.

In particular, I want to shout out Dr. Avery — he is as excellent a doctor as I have ever met, veterinary or otherwise.

Eric Coffin-Gould
Google Review

Many Many years with Arlington. All wonderful years. Now with Dr Schickler since her beginning could not be more pleased.

Jane Rosenblatt
Google Review

First off the clinic is really clean and has a wonderful interior. Dr. Daniel Rogers was absolutely lovely and made me feel at ease with my very skittish senior cat! He was gentle, intuitive, and understanding! He’s clearly dedicated and a great problem solver. The veterinary nurse (can’t recall her name) was also very kind and super knowledgeable. I’m very happy I established care with this clinic. I attached a pic of my guy.

Google Review

It had been a while since I brought my favorite girl, Sophie, to the vet and it made me so happy that staff still remembered her!! I love having a place to bring my dog where I know that the people care about her just as much as I do. Thank you all for all you do, Arlington Animal Clinic!

Elise Masson
Google Review

I have been going to Arlington Animal Clinic for more than 10 years. The staff is consistently attentive, polite, conscientious, and make every effort to address my pup’s and my needs promptly. Most of my pup’s appointments have been with either Dr. Schickler or Dr. Cole. Both are compassionate, skilled, and knowledgeable. They are very responsive and listen carefully to my concerns. Even when they are busy, I have never felt rushed during an appointment. I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful Veterinary Clinic so close to my home.

lyn shamban
Google Review

Amazing care! Everyone here genuinely cares about our pup and us as the pup parents. They make our dog feel so loved and comfortable. She’s always wagging her tail while we’re here. The team knows what they’re talking about and want to work as a team with us. I highly recommend this place! They’re the best!

Annika Hudson
Google Review

Arlington Animal Clinic is wonderful. They’ve always squeezed us in for emergent issues with our dog and are super friendly and caring while delivering vet care. I highly recommend! Their new office space is clean, bright and inviting.

Erin Stahmer
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